A Stitching Post

It always amazes me that just a few scraps of this and that can come together and create a little wonderland. A place to fire the imagination and weave a tale, as for instance this pocket style scene.

Pond with a Pocket
Pond with a Pocket

Here is a pond, a rock  and the resident frog,

Pond plus frog
Pond plus frog

who just might be a prince in waiting, so he has to be a super sized frog,

Frog Prince, as a finger puppet with crown
Frog Prince

if one is to add a tiny princess who just might be a little frog wife or a Thumbelina or……? Perhaps you can come up with an altogether different story.

A princess and a golden ball
A princess and a golden ball

These characters come with  a Lilly leaf pouch. Inside there is  another character, this fellow,

Another character peeping from the pond pocket
Hello.who am I?

who makes the mat suitable for teaching about pond life and amphibians.

Pond Mat As a Teaching Aid
Pond Mat As a Teaching Aid

As well as making some felt ‘scapes this week a “Softie” was sent to Melbourne for the Mirabel Foundation. This is an annual event instigated by Pip Lincolne, of Meet Me at Mike’s, and one that brings so much joy to the maker and the recipient. A project that  reflects so wonderfully that many people do  care , reflecting the true sentiment of the season.

Soft toy made from cotton fabrics for Mirabel Foundation 2013
Hugs for you

4 thoughts on “A Stitching Post

    • Which comfort dolls? 99.% of work is my own- the knitted toys,Zebra,Monkey,Lion, some years back for Mirabel were from a kit but otherwise i “play” and sometimes things happen from having to use whatever is at hand. The tiny dolls have standard waldorf formed heads about 2-2.5 cm i think,and the bodies free cut to fit

  1. Your faces so impress me. That little princess face is so simple, so perfect. What a terrific teaching tool for science, environment and fairy tales. Love it!

    • Had a lot of fun and surprised when this took shape, Kimberly,that you as a caring and gifted teacher feel it has validity is humbling and such an incentive.Thank you

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