Work in Progress

Bulldozer at work at local rubbish tip being flattened,a reflection of our throw away society
Working Waste

The above scene  is in modern speak  known as “a waste transfer station”, which is  our  local rubbish tip, also known as ” the dump”.

This picture is but a micro,micro dot in terms of the waste we create. It reveals much about modern life and attitudes of western civilization and  of progress. It shows the results of consumerism and our throw away society.

Can you remember that old adage of “waste not want not” ? It  would seem that sentiment is buried somewhere in this pile.

For me  the picture reveals such a powerful story, a history, a reflection, and  a modern tragedy.  What does it tell you?

With the season that is about to send many parts of the world into a gift buying, food orgy, packaging frenzy this seemed a timely reminder to stop and consider what it is we truly need, can recycle , can make or bake, or source locally but more so what we can offer in terms of friendship, community service or simple gestures that perhaps can be of greater value and more appreciated than  expensive purchased and often unnecessary items .

What is it that we celebrate? A significant spiritual festivity, or blatant commercial manipulation? The choice is ours.


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