A Dreaming Place

Hand stitched garden scene depicting a stream,bridge, plans and a tiny vegetable patch
Garden Scene

These past days have been devoted to creating some small mats that can be used as story props, yet this mat, although completed, lingered a few days in need of a  a story theme and its characters.

Quite unintentionally a little felt figure emerged when a knotted piece of fleece needed to be untangled.  Could that be a head perhaps? If this scraggly bit is twisted a bit more could that make a body? Now if this strand is wrapped around some wire and needle felted then maybe a character might happen.

Small needle felted figure of a tiny elderly gnome gardener
A character appears

Yes! a little figure has emerged. But who is this?

This little character, it  seemed,  needed a folksy shirt and trousers, as well as a hat. He opted for a gnomish one as  he claimed his   garden.

All that was needed was to create a small plot for him to tend.

Small  felt vegetable plot with miniatu lettuce and new shoots appearing
The vegetable plot

As well he insisted that he  he needed to show the results of his patient care, so miniature vegetables were placed in his tiny trug.

Miniature Harvest
Miniature Harvest

As all gardeners dream  fresh, flowing , permanent,  clean water is on hand. A stream runs through the garden and plants thrive.

closeup of the stream that flows through the garden
Fresh water flows

Content, the gardener tends his garden and plants seeds of wonder that grow into  objects of beauty . As he digs stories unfold and together the plants and imagination flourish.

The gardener and his garden of delights
The gardener and his garden of delights

The intent of this  mat is so children can interact and learn that gardens need water, sunshine, attention and love to nourish the plants and soil, just like people. It might encourage them to make their own garden, to grow their own organic produce, to learn about healthy food and lifestyles.  It is designed especially to reveal  that gardens are places for dreams, play, peace, wonder, and provide invaluable experiences to discover the magic of nature.

Jacaranda has graced our garden lately
Jacaranda has graced our garden lately

The garden we have is mainly straggly bush but recently it has rained and the garden has offered such loveliness, like the jacarandas that form a delicate, mauve arch  over the driveway and rain lilies that pop up so miraculously.

On nearby Mount Tamborine the flame trees are in bloom as well as jacarandas. The purple and red bursts of colour seem to explode in the rainforest and mingle creating a vivid and uplifting display.

Perhaps one day they too will be forever captured in a tiny felt garden giving delight and fascination as well as inspiration and encouragement to nurture and care for the earth.

Flame tree Mount Tamborine
Flame tree Mount Tamborine

Aah the joy of a garden! As the ancients realised a garden is a place not only to provide food for the body, but the beauty of flowers gives food for the soul.


5 thoughts on “A Dreaming Place

  1. How gorgeous! Your wonderful work is so inspiring!I LOVE Jacaranda!I have planted a tree here and carefully nurtured it,hopefully one day I will see those gorgeous blooms!

  2. I so love your miniature landscapes, and especially love the way this one developed. Isn’t it wonderful how ideas can come from little “accidents” like the bit of fleece that needed untangling. Love the way you describe the process. The little veggies are so exquisite and the gardener reminds me of St Nicholas because of the red hat.

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