Aspects of Summer

Summer has come, offering long, hot, sticky days as well as storms.

Storm Sky
Storm Sky

Our locality,  during summer, sees a display of agapanthus, bouganvillea and poncianna blooms,  vivid colourful swathes of blossoms joyous to behold .

Agapanthus in bloom
Summer blue

This is our third summer this year. The last was in the U.K and Europe. Not having a sea-coast the enterprising Viennese made a beach . Deck chairs were set up along  the banks of the canal on raised platforms and some, like the one pictured, even  had sand.

Manmade beach on canal banks in Vienna
At the Beach in Vienna

After the long dark winter seeking sun, no matter the setting, seems to become a necessity. This beach overlooked the  busy canal; behind were high brick walls covered in graffiti and above high rise and advertising signs.

urban beach

At one end was a floating swimming pool.

Photo of the pool built above canal waters in front of manufactured beach.
Beach side pool Vienna

On return we sought the sea and appreciated all the more its beauty.

Surfer's Paradise high rise overlooking beach at Burleigh,Queensland,Australia.
Surf and Sand

I needed to make a beach.

A felt scene of a rockpool with real shells and a tiny fish. A project requested as a class

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