‘Tis the Season

Street trees lit up at Christmas
Trees of Light

This is the season for decorating Christmas Trees in Australia, the   German custom introduced to England and her colonies by Albert, Queen Victoria’s consort. However, the tradition of decorating trees winds back through the ages and different cultures to very ancient times.

Pondering upon the tradition of decorating trees  I can see connections to the Tree of Life, moreso after wandering in the garden and discovering that Mother Nature had been busy decorating for the season.

Rainbow lorikeeets in a tree in our garden,a tree beautifully decorated by their colourful plummage.
Bird Tree

It seems She has a penchant for red,  the classic Christmas colour scheme,  but not as the holly featured in colder climates.

Ponciana bloom
Red Glory

She has her own baubles, beautiful fluffy balls the birds love ,

Red Pompom like blossom
A Natural “Bauble”

and a familiar flower, especially in Europe, that has acclimatized well out here.

Red Geraniums
Christmas Red

Now She adds some white baubles to contrast and enhance. Perhaps that is She, in the guise as the Spinner-Waver, or maybe Arachne, about to create shimmering, silver strands to add  sparkle as the rain and dew place their pendants to send out tiny rainbows.

May bush cluster of blossoms
White Christmas

White  stars are sprinkled around in profusion.

Frangipani cluster
Star bouquet

Some twine and weave , creating chains of perfumed stars.

Star Jasmine flower closeup
Star Flower

There are red stars too.

I think this is a gerbera, a red flower that comes up in the garden after rain.

To add to the visual display is the choir whose range and clarity makes unforgettable music, music of the angels.

Australian butcher bird whose range of notes and mimicry is extraordinary.
The Chorister

No one can outdo Her creations of wonder.Yet not all appreciate what is on offer.

Fake tree being decorated although it is placed in a grove of tree all Christmas tree like
Contrast and Compare

May your festive season whatever your belief system be one of wonder\and your New Year coloured with peace and joy.

Scaly breast lorikeet,Qld.
Nature Decorates

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