A Little Bush Magic

A New Year has begun which will be, according to Ancient  Chinese Astrology, the year of the wooden horse.

Where we live in Queensland it has begun with a continuing and escalating  heat wave, reaching the forty Celsius mark and beyond. Yesterday on our property the thermometer reached 45 degrees Celsius.

Crafting has been put on hold for a little while as my energy has gone into keeping water up to the wildlife and trying to save what I can of the garden. With the male bush turkey removing leaf litter and mulch for his three nesting  mounds, it can be a huge challenge.

Turkey Mound
Turkey Mound

A New Year offers so much potential. It always holds promise for new opportunities and insights. The start of the year is like an empty vessel that is to be filled with experiences and lessons.

Red neck wallaby joey peering into a large empty plant pot in our garden.

Although the heat has zapped physical energy, nature is presenting a lot of wonder and inspiration.

A group of tawny owls sitting on a fencenear the house, two parents with their three young ones.
Tawny Owl Family

What delight to be greeted by the Tawny Frogmouths who  had such drama with the goanna  last year. This family group stayed on this fence rail all day, letting me know that they had survived and successfully reared their young. What a message of courage, determination and resilience they bring.

These birds are so cleverly marked that when they enact the “I am a tree branch pose ” they really do appear to be just that.

Tawny Frogmouth in branch pose
Bird Branch

This trick of disguise is  lesson conveyed to the young as a matter of survival.

Adult Tawny Frogmouth in camouflage pose with young one
Teacher and Student

The young pick up the idea of being a branch very early . Their markings are so like aged wood and they blend into the bush setting remarkably well.

Tawny Frogmouth and young
In disguise

These interesting birds are not actual owls but rather a related species. If noticed by other birds during the day they get attacked. They must have a fearsome reputation in the feathered world. However,  I have also been fortunate to observe them when they hunt at night and  they seem to mostly catch insects .

Australian Bush Turkey(female)
Australian Bush Turkey(female)

As for the turkey- they are said to only build on mound each year. The one here  seems to be a property developer determined to impress the ladies.


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