Melting Moments

red,hot summer sky

Australian summers can be  intense as the picture above reveals. This was taken as the sun set after a violent storm this week. Before the storm the sky had turned to pitch black, it seemed darker than any dark night.  Dante’s Inferno seemed immanent .

What a contrast to the summer experienced in the U.K last year. After the initial grey, wet and misty  beginning that summer brightened.

Summer Sunset Norfolk
Summer Sunset Norfolk

The sky glowed.

Sunset over ocean with soft pink sky flat sea and trawler

The sun caressed every surface as evening fell.

Sunset beach scene with young boy and his kite

As one looked to the sea   a gentle glow lit up the sky, like the description given by Emily Dickinson who said,

“To see the Summer Sky, is poetry….”

sunset sky glowing in rich colour as seen on the shore in Norfolk,U.K 2013
As evening falls

How amazing is this molten magic.



2 thoughts on “Melting Moments

    • Thankyou, feels quite surreal seeing the pictures again, wishing to have had more time and taken more pictures and yetso grateful for having had the opportunity to just get over there and see the things we did, I now try to always have the camera even going to the local shop.

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