“She shows us only surfaces but Nature is a million fathoms deep.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunlight and shade creating a lattice effect on a thick carpet of petals in out garden

Sunlight painting fallen petals. Transforming, regenerating, creating,

petals and tiny flowers,thick and soft underfoot,perhaps a fairy carpet.
Fairy Carpet

a fairy carpet .

Tread softly. Beware!  Bougainvillea flowers have thorny stems.  A thorn that is strong enough to puncture a car tyre- as has happened recently. Nature can sting.

wasps hatching

The power of nature is always impressive, whether by storm or thorn, mite or beasts.

A leaf turned into lace though a bug onslaught

Art created by nature reveals such infinite beauty wrought with skill and ingenuity.


3 thoughts on “Sublime

  1. Lovely photos of dried petals and the “lace” leaves! But what I really want to know is, how did you get the closeup of the wasps without getting stung?

    • I was so intrigues i threw caution to the winds and hovered probably too close, they were just hatching and doing a little dance and seemed pretty taken up with that.After I realised that it was probably not the most sensible thing to do byut all for the sake of awe and art.! There have been other occasions where the thrill,curiosity and wonder have won over.

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