Friends of the Sea

The lure of the sea is at play.

sand,rocks and lapping waves, a scen form a recent trip to Coochielmudlo island, QLD
Sandy Shore

Echoing in my mind is a poem that has impressed significantly since primary school days,” Sea Fever” by John Masefield,over and over it plays whispering “…I must down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied…”.A call to imagination and a call to create.

I am getting back to “work”.

Small,handstitched felt pouch with waves forming pockets to hold the mermaid,fish and seahorse
Pocket Pals

This piece was designed to encourage curiosity and creative play.

All the characters placed in the pocket,the crab has a hole in the sand.,you can just see his pincers poking out a little.
Sea Friends

The crab has his own home under the sand. You can just see him at the side. 

Footprints in the sand
Walking on the shore

The intent of this project is  to evoke memories of seaside holidays, especially those walks along the shore, as well as to  encourage the telling of many a tale or a  poem, or song.

Handstitched from felt,small mermaid in swimming pose
Sea Maid

It is meant to be a  learning piece too. There is so much to discover about tides and the moon, surf and sand as well as the creatures who live  in the deep and along the shore.

Shell cluster attached to what looks like a piece of cocnut
Alive,alive oh!

Aaaah the sea! What an inspiration.

sea gull
If you listen well, the tales I could tell!

Oh I must go down to the sea again….


2 thoughts on “Friends of the Sea

  1. I just love the pocket pals and the little mermaid! Love the photos as well. I remember reading the Masefield poem during my schooldays, too. I’ll have to revisit it. Thank you!

  2. :)!My favourite poem!He was,apart from being poet laureate of England,an author of childrens books,which I also loved as a kid.I soooo love the pocket with the crab!

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