Rabbits, Eggs and Inner Peace

The miniature Autumn bears,  featured last post, seem to have led to the appearance of tiny rabbits. After all it is the season for bunnies, who are  the symbol of forthcoming seasonal celebrations, but this was not really the motivation or even intended.

Very small handstitched felt landscape with two miniature rabbits. the scene is a grassy knoll and stream or pond below.
Reminiscing Rabbits of Hilltop

The first ones were created to put into a tiny empty felt nature ‘scape that reminded me very much when finished of the scenery around “Hilltop”, Beatrix Potter’s first farm in the Lakes District of the U.K.Thus the rabbits appeared. When that piece was done it led to making a scene that had a little burrow and a pond, again influenced by travel to England.

Another miniature felt scene reminiscent of an English rural field with rabbits and a pond.the pond has a mother duck and her two babies. The ducklings are less then 1/2inch
By the pond

Next came this egg cosy or finger puppet, as the children in our stitching class  wanted to make a bunny. Designing this simple rabbit led to further experimentation and musing on the symbology of the season.

Hand stitched little rabbit with pompom tale designed to fit over Easter egg or eggcup.
Egg Cosy rabbit

It was with great delight this week I came across an article  by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes who mentioned that rabbits were originally symbols of peace. They were  used later, although Hares were originally featured in ancient times,  to represent the arrival of Spring and  Easter which was connected to the Goddess Eostre and fertility; the fertility of Spring bursting into bud, blossom and new life .

Eggs too come into this symbolic formula of Spring, Easter and creation.

However, down  here it is Autumn.The energy of the season is one of withdrawing more that expanding. For me the bunnies and eggs melded.

Very tiny decorated eggs holding a white rabbit
Eggs and Bunnies

This  notion of “peace rabbits” has been deeply satisfying. Seeking peace has connotations of going deep within; withdrawing, burrowing down into the soul  and psyche hoping to emerge with a new outlook, understanding and the potential for creating different approaches to life and self. Peace, too,  has stillness and softness, while at the same time  that inner core of peace gives strength and resilience. Finding peace and holding onto it we can lose self imposed limitations and discover that potential and creativity are limitless.

The creation of these tiny creatures, who seem to be rapidly multiplying like their live inspiration, was not only reflective but also immensely satisfying.There are many more to come.


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