Australian Sulphur Crested Cockatoo in a miniature felt landscape,handstitched .
Australian Sulphur Crested Cockatoo .


This small scene was a recent work that went to Sydney.

The Sulphur Crested Cockatoos seem to have left the area but when they are here they are such eccentric, rowdy visitors and a source of fascination and delight.

I wondered.

I played a little on the computer.

This is what happened.


The felt work altered to become a mosiac
Mosaic Experiment

Interesting.  A maybe project, sometime… added to the growing mountain of ideas and shrinking stream of time. I loved the play of colour and tone. Too inspired.

These are the actual materials and size of this piece that is hand-stitched mainly from wool felt with the addition of a few specialty yarns and tiny glass beads. A miniature scene that was a joy to create and came about one morning after  observing  the cockatoos. A large flock had descended around the front of the house.  Several of the young ones were quite intrigued by the shade cloth on the pergola; so intrigued they assisted with some of their carpentry skills. The pergola will need some repairs.

The project placed on an inch graph to give an indication of size
To size- imperially


But nature beckons to explore and wonder.


Dove perched on power lines against a backdrop of clouds
One cloudy day



One thought on “Contemplating

  1. O,Christina!you have REALLY outdone yourself! Gorgeous!We have just returned from a sidecar tour to the Murray river,there are great flocks of cockatoos up that way!

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