As it was

trying to capture wonders as we travelled.
As it was

Sometimes we did not stop when interesting scenes presented; then travel through U.K and Ireland became a frustrating …so it led to this on-the go method. Amazingly many of the pictures have turned out.

However, as knights and legends are still playing on the mind a castle or two might  still be appropriate. Of great interest was Old Sarum, a place we  happened on by chance after leaving Salisbury. On this high,ancient mound are stone ruins of what had been a once imposing and important royal castle.


the flint core walls that remain.

This site links back to to the Celts, perhaps as far back as five thousand years ago. Afterwards came the Romans, Saxons and Vikings, before William the Conqueror placed his castle on this site. Subsequent monarchs added to and encased the first wood and plaster walls in stone. There was a great tower which must have been a very imposing landmark. According to the National Trust it was regarded in its time as one of the most beautiful castles in England.

as it was,small section of stone dressed wall at old sarum,U.K
As it was -small section of stone facing

No doubt there would have been many knights guarding the castle environs. They would  have gazed across the plains from the battlements and walls that encircled the compound. Although the plains below are more populated and built up  the view is still utterly beautiful, and seem so quintessentially English.

Looking beyond the castle site
Beyond Old Sarum,view form the castle site

What has been preserved on the site is very well presented and documented but it is sad to think that it’s importance in history was overlooked. Most of the facing stones were taken away in the sixteenth century to be used in other buildings. Recycling or vandalism?

Ruins of Old Sarum,U.K

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