Early one morning…

Early one morning, just as it was dawning, I walked the streets of  York  enjoying the solitude and hoping to  to truly see and savour the environs before they teemed with the daily hustle and bustle.

Medieval wooden  archway looking out to the empty street in York,U.K
A different view- York,U.K

What an interesting place to explore not only for the history and architecture but to discover that in this city the wildlife felt at home, very much  at ease and quite happy to co- reside with modern urban chaos.

On that  morning the only other residents of the town who were about were of the  feathered variety, for instance, these geese who were strolling along the pavement in the centre of town.

Geese walking in town centre of York.U.KGeese walking in town centre of York.U.K
Some locals taking an early walk in town,York.U.K

Another group was a lovely family looking for breakfast and enjoying a swim in a canal that wound through the city.


Swan Family, York.U.K
Swan Family, York.U.K


Excitement rose  to spot  York Castle, high on a grassy mound.

York Castle
York Castle


Excitement that turned to utter delight to discover  a group of tourists. On a small patch of grass below the castle was a large flock of Canada Geese who had come on their annual migration to breed. This part of town would soon be crowded with hoards of tourists, long trails of noisy traffic, as well as the  large numbers of tourist coaches; yet they grazed contentedly, and seemed quite assured that this was the best place to be.


Canada geese and their young on grass verges below York Castle

Around the corner and coming back to the canal there was another early riser who chose to try the waters and reflect on a new day.

Canada goose ,York.U.K
Canada goose ,York.U.K

This was a very good morning indeed!


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