The Shambles.

Brief history of the Shambles
The why and the where for

The Shambles, how I love that  name! A  name that conjures up such vivid and rich imaginary delights, and leads us to take a step back into time. Such a wondrous place where yesterdays lurk behind every corner.

Looking along the paved laneway of the Shambles with its crooked and leaning old buildings.Let the pictures lead and invite your curiosity and imagination to take a stroll back to the medieval days, when the Shambles would have  not been such a delight as blood and guts and stench would have oozed freely through the laneways. Now the old butchery site is one of gift shops and tearooms, and other businesses that appeal more to tourism as well as being a mix of other architectural periods. None-the-less the past lingers .

Different trading in the Shambles today
No longer meat

Do you remember the nursery rhyme of the little crooked man and his little crooked house? I think that he must have resided in one of these with his little crooked cat and the little crooked mouse.

Looking along the cobbled laneway lined by crooked and leaning buildings giving an air of fairytale charm.
More Shambles Charm


Leaning,crooked buildings,Shambles
A little crooked house, or two

Around  every corner a little bit of Olde England revealed.

Beam and plaster,with mullioned windows ,a traditional building around the corner of the Shambles  in York. .
Olde English Style,Shambles

The detail and craftsmanship of those bygone times is what especially delights and fascinates me. How lovely is this carved beam revealing exquisite handwork . Such skill would only be acquired after a long period of  apprenticeship under a  Master who would belong to a Guild.

Carving on beam
Handcarving detail



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