Hollywood- the first one

Still not quite believing that we really went to Ireland. The encounter did not disappoint. Ireland was hauntingly beautiful. What came as a surprise, on our first day of exploring, was rounding a corner to see this sign. A  familiar name that stood out against the hillside and seemed absolutely surreal.

Hollywood sign,a small village in Ireland and perhaps the original site

This Hollywood is  located south of Dublin. It is a tiny rural village, and quite likely the original claimant of the name.


A dreamscape setting - Hollywood,Ireland
A dreamscape setting – Hollywood,Ireland

The village  inn was  buzzing, as locals and visitors mingled in the paved courtyard ringed by stone outbuildings and stables. It was not hard to picture a past when the village had a different pace.

Hollywood inn sign
Hollywood inn sign

It seemed there was a party atmosphere in Hollywood that day, and below the reason, vintage visitors of a time past when the horses were being replaced.

Vintage car at Hollywood
Time warp

Could this  be the original fiddler on the roof?

Opposite the inn at Hollywood, a cottage with a figure of a diddler on the roof
Irish fiddler

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