We have bush turkeys that come daily. They are regarded by many as nuisances. However after over a decade of close observation and encounters we have come to know them well, and to feel humbled and privileged to have won their trust and friendship.

Recently I had a weekend away. it was a soul enriching weekend with some amazing and inspirational women. Arriving home Chook,the old male bush turkey was waiting and ran to greet me. He escorted me to the house ,hovering by the front step and seemed to want me to notice something as I went back and forth to unpack the car.

Male bush turkey we call chook

While away I had mentioned to  the women that  I suspected that it was Chook who had left presents near the front step, such as  a flower and  stones that  were heart shaped. It seemed a little far out, but I suspected  that he had.

Stones shaped like hearts
From the heart

Now I am absolutely certain. This time there was something quite amazing.

Pattern of stones

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