A Garden

Vegetable plot -made in wool felt
Vegetable plot

A  little while back a garden took shape. A most satisfying garden that has flourished and produced vegetables to be harvested.

Pumpkin vine in felt garden
Ripe for the picking

This was a garden made from fibre, stitched and felted. It was created in Autumn as a playmat, teaching aid or story prop and  is not at all like my “proper” garden that seems mainly to supply the wild life no matter what strategies we put in place.
My real garden straggles and struggles as it tries to survive in the onslaught of a fickle climate and appetites of various critters, birds and insects.
Occasionally there are some delightful surprises so we reap a little, mainly herbs. However it seems that French sorrel has not yet been added to their palate so today I shall harvest, make a sorrel and red lentil soup and give thanks.

Felt Garden Playmat
Felt Garden Playmat

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