Who lives here?

Tiny mushroom house nestled in blossom, a tiny door and a tiny path- made from wool felt,handcrafted
Who lives here?

A little home for a little creature snuggled amongst the jasmine. Who lives here ?

A little grey mouse peers form the open door of a mushroom house.

And here is a hollow log decked with spring bunting. Who might live here?

Wool felt log home hand stitched and embellished with a flowering vine
Spring bunting

It seems this is a snug home for an owl family.

Needlefelted owlet and mother owl who reside in this log home
We live here.

Let’s hope the two homes are not located too close together.

The mouse ventures outside his mushroom house
Is it safe?

4 thoughts on “Who lives here?

  1. I’d say they would be safe for a children’s game (where all animals seem to be the best of friends). I really love both of your animal homes, but I was pleasantly surprised to see owls popping out of the second one, beautiful work!

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