Work in progress
Work in progress

A suggestion came recently about including  a swan in a project. This has resulted in a small piece, that has become a swan lake.

Felt landscape with small lake and hollow log
Lake scene

Our Australian swans are black, frilly and quite magnificent. They fascinated me often, in the days when I resided down south, as they seemed to glide so effortlessly and majestically over Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra. That memory came back when we visited Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary earlier this year.

Black swan
Black swan

The new swan lake project seemed rather to bring up images  of  English swans, in this instance a Trumpeter Swan.

Scene as above but now with swan
Swan Lake

This is a spring themed piece, suitable for a seasonal table or as a teaching aid or story prop. The log is hollow so that it can be used as a home or a hiding spot for tiny creatures or fairy folk. On its branch a tiny brown bird, well camouflaged in the first picture of the scene, and one of those little brown birds that has so many different species. This one sings sweetly and perpetually of the joys of spring.

Although this is a tiny project it is designed as a piece to stimulate curiosity and imagination as well as appreciation of the world around us. It is also very tactile so most of the senses will be stimulated and inspire many tales and adventures to unfold.


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