Beauty in the city

Street art Brunswick,Melbourne
Life is Beautiful

Last spring I wandered around the lanes of Fitzroy in Melbourne, intrigued by the street art and graffiti .

The above picture has a message that can be overlooked if eyes are pointed only straight ahead and focus rests only on the tags.

Powerful depiction of a Lion pianted on a city wall in Fitzroy Melbourne
King of the Alley


Style and technique ranged from powerfully realistic to naive simplicity, as for instance in these feline renditions. What also intrigued me was the play of textures, how the art and surface, shadow and light worked together.


Painted cat in a Fitzroy alley,Melbourne .
Alley Cat


 Nature paints too.

Coloured leaf on  bluestone cobbles found in a Fitzroy alley, Melbourne.
Nature the artist


But nature has the last say, when she whispers” Life is beautiful”.


Butterfly resting on a city wall,Melbourne.
Beauty in the city

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