A Change of Scene.

Miniature garden in a jar.
Miniature garden in a jar.


For a few days I have been doing a different kind of gardening, felt and stitching kind of gardening to create tiny terrariums.

This has been an idea that has simmered for a while  but one of those that had not come together till I found some small apothecary jars  on sale. The thought now  needed to take form and in emerging as a woodland scene has been quite fun.

The mouse is 1.5cm, or a scant 1/2 in, tall. Teeny.

Mini mice and mini mushrooms make a perfect blend, a perfect setting for a tale or two to unfold perhaps,and for a little mouse to have a safe and  forever haven.



One thought on “A Change of Scene.

  1. I love this! And the top of the jar looks like a cute little frog (though on closer inspection, I think it’s just a trick of the light). Your little mousie has a nice home!

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