Little Fir Tree. ( Tutorial)

small hand made felt tree decorated with stars and sequins
A little tree shining

A little tree was needed for a small felt scene. It came to mind that a pine or spruce would be ideal, so I played a little as I pondered on what I could share as a free pattern. The two tasks merged .

The base shape,a cone filled with fleece.

My initial idea was to make the tree as simple as possible.  These trees  can be any size, so there is no standard pattern, my first attempt  was a simple cone made from two triangles cut free hand,then blanket stitched along the two long sides and filled with fleece. The base was a circle cut to fit. If you feel your tree needs to be stabilized you can insert a cardboard circle into the base.

Adding a base
Adding a base

This alone makes a simple tree that can be used as is, however noticing a scrap of green felt that had a pinked edge led to   one of those  aha! moments .

My aha was to cut different sized circles with pinked outer edges and slip these onto the cone. This was done by cutting a hole in the centre of varying widths to fit the cone. You could leave it unstitched as it was quite secure but if it is to be played with then I would recommend stitching around inner circle of  the layers to attach them to  the cone base.

Foliage Circles- as many as you will.
Foliage Circles- as many as you will.

The very top was a rather tiny circle with a segment cut out ,stitched together and to the tree.

The Final piece.
The Final piece.

Simple, easy and also a child friendly project that is now very seasonal as these little trees could  be decorated with tiny bells, beads and sequins as above to make a table centrepiece or left plain for play or nature table.

Finished Fir Tree
Finished Fir Tree

If you wanted to you could create an “arty” tree  using different colours for the layers, or perhaps a white sparkling tree with  glitter glue frost or……All you need is your own imagination and whatever is at hand.

Experiment and enjoy.

Putting it altogether in Sequence.left to right.
Putting it altogether in Sequence.left to right.

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