It’s a…..?

A new project, can you guess?
A new project, can you guess?

This is the beginning of an adventure, a new project commission. It has proved to be a wonderful challenge to the imagination as well as figuring out how to construct it.

Perhaps another peak inside the lump. No it is not a tea cosy, but I think the stonework might be a good clue.

Stoney fabric has been used


Have you guessed yet? This picture below might help too: note the essential cup of coffee to kick start the process.

The work begins
The work begins

Now the mystery is revealed. This  lump is going to be a tunnel for a train set.

So far the tunnel is nearly done, it is under a mountain range. Perspective  had to change from the tunnel sides, which go off to  distant peaks, and the tunnel entrance that presents a different scale of view. This was rather tricky and is not perfect. I would rather re-scale the bricks on the arches but time is of the essence now and I have to learn not to be too finicky.

Making  Arches
Making Arches

So here it is almost done and my  first time  using needle felt to create a “painting”, loving this technique a lot.

Needlefelt scene with cliff and spruce trees on tunnel side
Cliffs and trees
Second side with a road leading up into the hills
Road to the hills.

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