Back Again.

Little cat in a window
Fur Friend

Life has intervened, as happens. The mad rush at the end of the year swept up all the best intentions to have some blog drafts ready to publish while away in Melbourne.

Has Christmas really come ? Was it only just  a blink of sparkling frenzy? Is all that anticipation and stress and mad running now a little blip of memory? Seems so.

Christmas tree,2014, formed form thongs,flip flops, and lights, pretty and different. Only in Melbourne.

An Uniquely Oz Tree

Melbourne is a city that holds my heart, moreso each visit. It never disappoints. Aside from the joy of being with family I had another mission this time. Cat sitting.

Grey and fluffy cat
Special Friend

Another unexpected event was a purchase, (it is said that Melbourne is the place to shop). Now I have my first, very own computer, so on a learning curve of exciting discovery – obviously more discovering and learning is needed  as I try to unravel the secrets of uploading and editing photos and managing a new programme. Exciting, excited. However it is also time to get back into my workroom and create to tap into all that inspiration that Melbourne offers.



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