A foxy thing.

The theme of the moment down under, or perhaps rather fad, appears to be Woodland and in particular foxes. Requests have triggered memories and delight of watching foxes in the U.K as well as the occasional glimpses over the years  in Australia.

Fox ,seen U.K 2013

At one time we lived on a farm in the Central West of N.S.W. Every morning a little fox would come sit by the chook pen, watching , yearning. It was impossible to feel anything but wonder for it was such a beautiful  animal. Its russet coat shone in the early morning sun and it seemed to be transposed into something shining and magical.

Our pet lamb used to guard and loved to hangout with our feathered family so this little fox was but on onlooker, dreaming of roast dinner perhaps. This  memory has inspired this new felt  piece which is mostly handstitched and has needlefelted embellishing on mane, tail tip and in the ears.

Small redfox,handmade with needlefelt mane,tila and muzzle enhancement.

With the fox now a popular theme in art and crafts it is hard to come up with something that is entirely unique such these corner bookmarks. Such a silly notion to think that my overlaying of a rust cutout  on white  was in any way a discovery – but it was my little play that yielded a foxy character with a practical purpose.

Corner bookmark handstitched from felt
A Little Red Fox

These little characters also came about, a mother red fox and her cub. they have  offered an opportunity to try to use my laptop camera for instant upload. Now that is a bit challenging!  especially to frame and focus and not have bits of self included.

Scale picture of mother fox with cub.
Scale picture of mother fox with cub.

For now need to be  off again to my workroom to explore further this foxy thing.


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