Garden Inspirations

Hand stitched wool felt pincushion . A small round pumpkin patch surrounded by fl,oral border,inspired by gardens visited when in Victoria,Australia
Garden pincushion

The recent trip to Melbourne, as well as my own garden, has inspired a small piece, this pincushion which is a tiny pumpkin patch surrounded by a border of flowers. Mostly made from wool felt the pumpkin vine has tiny wire tendrils . Growing with the vine are some novelty flower pins. The larger flower pinhead is hand made from the felt, the other pins purchased.

On return I discovered that the pumpkin planted in a garden box in our under cover area had escaped. It had literally taken off over the sides of the plant box, raced along the ground and headed out the door.

Pumpkin that has grown furiously and now well away
Escaping !

Visiting St.Erth, a Diggers Club Garden, the herbaceous border, food forest and terracing had an impact.

St.Erth, Blackwood,Victoria.Australia
St.Erth, Blackwood,Victoria.Australia

Another significant influence was the Community garden at St.Kilda . A  fertile oasis  with a noble intent, and although opposite Luna Park and the trundling roller coaster, crowds and traffic it offered a haven.

Veg Out - St.Kilda comunity Garden,Melbourne.Australia
Veg Out – St. Kilda Community Garden,Melbourne.Australia

This garden was originally a bowling club that has been “re-purposed” , and  meanders around small plots, aviaries and a chicken pen as well as various buildings.

Garden plots, St.Kilda community Garden. Melbourne
Garden plots, St.Kilda community Garden. Melbourne

Interwoven throughout this magical and quirky space is art: painting, mosaics, sculpture that work with the garden to create an interesting and enriching environment.

Metal sculpture of a rose at entrance of St.Kilda Community Gardens
A Wrought Rose at ST.Kilda

The other garden that has inspired  is this tiny community garden begun last year in a bluestone laneway. Already it is attracting birds,insects and lizards .

At the beginning, new community garden, Melbourne
At the beginning

Small beginnings have such potential for growth and magnificence. This is the garden that my daughter has initiated so it is one held dear and with much love and pride.


signs to start a community garden,Melbourne

3 thoughts on “Garden Inspirations

  1. My partner used to work at the Garden of St Erth. He loved every minute of being there…. its a wonderful oasis of beauty.

    • thank you for sharing, it must have been an incredible experience, dreaming of returning ,it is so beautiful.

      On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 7:39 AM, Fruits of Heart wrote:


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