Coming and going and doing

January has proved to be a month of comings and goings. During this time there were touchdowns in  three Australian states, Victoria, the A.C.T and Queensland, as well as in three different  capital cities, Melbourne,

Melbourne and Yarra river
Melbourne and Yarra river

Canberra, leaving as a warm,bright day became stormy ,

Canberra  rain clouds
Canberra rain clouds

and Brisbane. Brisbane as a last stop seemed to shine a special welcome back, the setting sun giving the city quite an ethereal glow.

Flying into Brisbane at Sunset
Flying into Brisbane at Sunset


All three cities have provided inspiring experiences and ideas, but it seems that the garden beauty of Melbourne, and in particular St.Erth at Blackwood, has lingered.


Works in progress-handstitched felt garden inpisred pieces, a hoollow forest log,mushroom house,miniature vegetable garden, lily pond scene.
Works in progress-


From this wonky computer taken, “pushed for time”, picture you can see that everything is still unfinished. These are  all are works in progress that will hopefully see completion this weekend.

Now I really do need to settle and connect again to that slower, daily rhythm that encourages creativity and utilizes the wonder and passion that the memories have filed. That rhythm requires stillness, solitude and a hermit like phase, which seems to be elusive as I dart here and there, reconnecting with friends, local places and activities. This year it seems has chosen constant motion and travel as a theme.


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