Comforts of Home

Perhaps this is a little understatement, but we have been slightly distracted in the last couple of days as Cyclone Marcia has decided to visit our state. When she landed up north she really threw a tantrum and wreaked havoc however, further south it has meant rain, a lot of rain, and even more appreciation for the shelter of home.

Locally rivers and creeks are swollen, our long driveway has become a series of waterfalls and rivulets that are fuller and faster flowing now than when this picture was taken yesterday; that was when  it had all hardly begun.

Our dip to the road is now a fast running watercourse.
Where road and driveway meet

Recent work has resulted in the creation of these two small homes, a miniature terrarium one,

A mushroom house designed to fit in a small glass jar. It is 5 cm tall and about 2- 3 cm wide, hand stitched form felt, embellished with beads, embroidery and a teeny flower buttons.
Miniature home

and a larger piece to create snug little shelters to provide protection, warmth  and comfort for those who reside within, as well as inspiring a myriad of stories to share.

Red and white capped mushroom house with two miniature mice , 1.5 cm tall. A fun project that is handstitched form wool felt and embroidered.
Mouse house

Perhaps it adjoins the vegetable patch that featured last post.

A miniature rabbit in a miniature handstitched vegetable patch.
In the vegetable patch

One thought on “Comforts of Home

  1. O GORGEOUS pieces!! You are so inspiring.I hope the rain has eased,your moat looks impressive,stay dry my friend…….

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