Mini Mode

Little things seem to be appearing in the workroom lately. Not  intentional but just as it has happened.

Miniature bluebird sitting on a 10 cent coin to give an idea of scale.
Miniature Bluebird

Little glitches have also occurred in trying to put up the blog intended. My camera and the computer seem not to be on friendly terms. The computer will only co-operate with my phone. Of course the photos I need are not there, they are on the camera. This situation developed while we were away and I had intended to share some of those moments, The obstinacy of my computer and my lack of technical expertise has has created some stress, to be honest some considerable stress, so it has become necessary for a rethink of what and how to share.

5cm square embroidery samples
This and that

Moments such as this can lead to finding options that might otherwise not be considered. The photos here were intended to be only personal reference ones; the bluebird from the little autumn scene featured recently, the embroidery samples an ongoing project for this year, and the little dolls needed to snuggle.

Tiny wwaldorf style pocket dolls in pink  blossom pouches
Snuggle Bubs

Fun things, not major works but all have presented learning curves, new discoveries and lots of joy.


4 thoughts on “Mini Mode

    • It is in a tiny tree to sing hapy songs to a friend, I did play a little anditwas so joyful, the bluebird dioes indeed dispeell joy, thak you for takingtime to comment.

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