Feathers and Sentiments

Miniature Bluebird, revisited . T tiny stitched and sculpted bird featured last post. Another angle showing the pink breast and scale, as it sits on Australian 10cent coin.
Miniature Bluebird, revisiting

The tiny bluebird from last post now has some other companions.
Larger bluebirds, who are carrying messages of love and happines. Their arival was motivated, instigated and inspired by my daughter Clare and her fascination with tattoo art.

Small bluebird in flight carrying a heart, handstitched

Birds have long been used as symbols. They were thought to be the messengers of the gods in ancient lore. The bluebird is said to  bring wishes for  happiness; not happiness of things and pleasure but rather that richer, deeper, spiritual happiness thaqt results from contentment and hope. According to my family bluebirds sing when we remember our ancestors. Those memories help to bring the past into the present and give them renewed life.

  • As long as there are bluebirds, there will be miracles and a way to find happiness.
    – Shirl Brunnel, I Hear Bluebirds, 1984(Sialis.quotes about bluebirds)

Another rendition in handstitched felt of a bluebird.

The Swan also  has many ancient and symbolic connotations in different cultures. Attributes such as grace, harmony, beauty, purity, creativity and spiritualism have been linked  to the Swan. Significantly in Celtic lore Swans are linked to Brigid, whose bright flame inspired poetry and creativity.

Lately I have had a strong urge to create another  swan.

White swan photographed on the Thames,U.K
On the Thames, picture by Brian Rickards

This week I remembered seeing a feathery swan picture in Living Crafts magazine. A search revealed that issue,Spring  2011. I was as enchanted by the project now as on that first encounter.

Needelfelted white swan that has real feathers as wings.
Swan Magic

When I found that it was a tutorial I had to try. The designer of this project is Marga Donkers. This is the result, Such an easy, simple way  to perfectly represent all the beauty, grace and purity of this elgeant creature. Many thanks to Marga for sharing.

Sometimes it is really good to try someone else’s methods, to open up to receive to new ideas, techniques and materials. Refreshed and re-invigorated, the magic of the swan has touched my imagination. My soul  is now ready to explore and adventure joyfully again along the path of creativity.


2 thoughts on “Feathers and Sentiments

  1. I must admit a lifelong passion for the bluebird of happiness,I think it is a Russian folk tale,about forty years ago I had one tattooed on my shoulder,I actually wanted a dove with an olive branch,but the tattooists in those antediluvian times could not do it.I settled for a bluebird with a rose in its beak!!!Which over time is all blue now!

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