Woodland Wander

Detail of owl from a needlecase. Stitched in wool felt with small black button pupils.

Recently I have been asked to create some woodland pieces for a shop in Canberra.This request  has resulted in these projects;  a revisiting and reworking of an owl design for a needlebook, and some new fox items,  a needlebook

Woodland scene with sleeping fox,handstitched on wool felt. The tree has been wet and dry felted to the background as well as stiched.
A Little nap

and an even tinier fox who found shelter in a cave in this terrarium. As an indicator of size the butterfly that is hovering over the cave is less than a quarter of and inch.

Miniature woodland scene placed into small glass jar. A tiny  fox  is asleep in a tiny cave. this piece is sculpted from wool and felt, embellished with embroidery and applique
A Little Sleep- miniature scene in terrarium

These were absorbing, time consuming and at times challenging but always a learning and remembering. Next is a revisiting of fungi and who knows what else might pop up.


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