Twists and Turns

Once upon a time I did a lot of this kind of fancy work.

Crochet Mat with pineapple border
Pineapple Lace

My grandmother loved delicate handwork, as did my mother-in-law. They passed from this life many, many years ago, and so did the urge to persevere with dainty, lace work. The hooks were placed in a tin, that had been treasured from childhood, and stored away almost forgotten. When I relocated them in one of those de-clutter episodes, some hooks had rusted. It certainly was like opening a Pandora’s box as memories surfaced as well as the urge to dabble.

Work in progress ,fine lace crochet mat
Work in progress

That de-clutter episode was sabotaged as I became absorbed into trying to decipher a forgotten language once more. A spark of remembrance in the pleasure this form of handwork had given me and others re-ignited interest and desire as well as  having to restock supplies to do some more practice.

Vase Mat from a vintage pattern.
Vase Mat

At Easter I wanted to make something special and personal for my daughters, who love and appreciate beauty. Not only did the hooks come to the fore but also some vintage patterns. There was a sense of exhilaration to re-establish a relationship with a former craft and to know that my daughters would each receive a unique item, crafted with such joy and love that also linked to our family history.


2 thoughts on “Twists and Turns

  1. Hello Christina
    Have peeped at your offerings every time you make a post but haven’t made a comments for ages. I can’t wait to retire and pickup all my ideas and put them into reality. Children are growing and take up too much room, a lot of it my spare space in their wardrobes…

    Crochet is so relaxing and so very portable. My female forebears also crocheted and I am lucky to have some pieces, even a piece made by my Granny when she was nine and a recent emigrant from South Africa. It is a Mary Card design of banksias in a circle (probably remaindered her of SA proteas). It is so fine. I wish I had some of her hooks or her Oma’s hooks. Oma had extreme arthritis and still mananer to crochet with spider’s thread (cotton so fine like sewing thread). Oma mostly used ‘Irish lace designs. Still hanging on in ACT (just) Awaiting the toss of a coin from CSIRO. All I can say is I don’t think it will be Qld, more likely the ‘rocks’. hope you are well and not too soggy. Send some down to us. We are parched. Better still come for a visit and bring the rain with you.
    warm wishes Clare

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