The Weaver

Early morning morning finds her masterpiece stretched across the grasses.

Large spider web with the spider,a golden orb one, in the middle

There she is, that  incredible weaver, waiting in the centre, luring in her prey bedazzled by the gleaming dewdrops that hang from almost invisible silk threads. Her web of beauty and death, of wonder and entrapment. Light reveals the snare as sunbeams begin to dance across the grass.

 waiting in the middle and with wrapped prey hung in the web
Sky spinner

Another masterpiece that seems to be attached only to air is strung across the sky.

If you look into the picture you can see something quite remarkable, something that totally surprised and delighted me as this photo actually reveals the auras of the trees and the spinner; the  white glow around them that is the lifeforce. This is not a fake photo. Enlarging it revealed this detail. Sadly some of the spiders victims also reveal that they are just alive. Paralysed they are bound, presented as neatly tied packages attached to the web.

Across the sky is an intricate net. Beauty and terror woven together in a remarkable artwork that tells the tale of creation; a story that is  a perpetual cycle of life, death, and recreation. Each one becomes the other. The bound insects will feed her hatching eggs, who  will in turn grow to spin and weave and spin……..


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