Growing up.

Lake Burley Griffin, ACT
Lake Burley Griffin, ACT

Some years ago I lived in Canberra, however on  a recent visit earlier this year I came back as a tourist

The city has changed- a lot. It has spread up and out, and  just like “Topsy” it has grown.  At this time the changes that impressed most were around New Acton.

Evening glow-New Acton, ACT
Evening glow-New Acton, ACT.

Exciting changes that address environmental awareness working to bring nature, art and the city together as a beautiful union. Changes that look to creating healthy lifestyle options and beauty  to enrich life.

There were vegetable boxes planted in courtyards around which were cafes,restaurants, hotels and bars.

Food courtyard,Canberra. Asutralia

In a large oak tree there were nesting boxes .

Oak tree with nesting boxes, in city centre Canberra, Australia
Tree houses

Sculpture is placed thoughout the precint, to inspire, to ponder and to provoke thought.

Large sculpture entitled Modern Man,that is in a herb garden at New Acton, Canberra
ModernMan, overseeing a herb garden
About Modern Man
About Modern Man

New buildings  were innovative .

Hotel,New Acton Canberra
Hotel, New Acton Canberra

Overseeing the city the tower on Black Mountain, that created considerable controversy when it was erected. Since it has become an icon.

Black mountainTower at Dusk
Black mountainTower at Dusk

The visit was too short but huge in impact being a very a special time, as family gatheredfor my daughter’s wedding.


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