Everything old is new again…

The workroom quickly comes apart. It needed tidying up, again. All went well till a pattern book that was buried under a pile of “put away sometime things” emerged. It was a book of reprinted vintage patterns. Cleaning was forgotten and the urge that screams “must try this” took over. Can you guess what it is?

A round crochet item
This is ?

This item is crocheted from a  pattern that was featured in The English Women’s Weekly Magazine in May,1940. IT is a little pouch that has a secret and is an item that is much in tune with the present drive to reduce the use of plastic bags.

Many retail shops  now have stands featuring little pouches that hold a carry bag or tote within. I have a few in my handbag. As many of these  are made from polyester or nylon  they are not entirely 100% eco friendly. However, this new version of an older item  is, especially if created from organic cotton or a cotton/bamboo mix.

The one that pictured here  is made from  a recycled cotton yarn. The base is double when the bag is pulled out so that it is strong with  mesh sides that stretch out to fit in more than would seem possible.

The secret- vintage style net bag.
The secret- vintage style net bag.

Indeed it does seem everything old is new again.  Can you remember the string bags that were used by our mothers  and grandmothers ? This is a version of those which also links back to very ancient times, as well as to many indigenous cultures, when making nets for food gathering was a vital survival skill.  As I hooked that connection to distant ancestors played much in mind and gave a strong feeling of reconnection.


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