Of foxes and folly.

A sleeping fox, an original design haqndstitched from felt,my original design for a needlebook
Winter Slumber

Foxes are still much in demand as a subject. This one is a needlecase, my own design.

Pests to some, endearing to others, foxe are so beautifully shaped and coloured  that they have long inspired artists and poets.

I’ve been fortunate to observe them at close hand, intrigued to see them interact with each other. I have seen the magnificence of their coat glimmer in early sun rays, gleaming like burnished copper. Awed to observe them move so lightly and vanish, in what seems a blink of an eye, as if they have turned into a wisp of air.

When they take our poultry they, like so much wildlife, are trying to survive in an increasingly hostile world where their link in the web is much altered and rapidly disintegrating. We are so appalled at what we perceive to be their cruelty and seeming delight to kill wantonly. But what of mankind whose greed and exploitation has brought us all to the brink of anhilation? Foxes,too, have a place in nature and if it is compromised it is not of their making.

Foxes were brought to Australia by the British Empire colonisers to be hunted in an attempt to civilise their lifestyle and this ancient land. Rabbits, domestic cats and dogs were also brought across the seas and all of these have become threats to our native species.

I wonder what wildlife thinks of mankind? What if they become our masters? Would humans be the pests?


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