Sowing Seeds of Delight

Collage of flowers ,lemon blossoms,sun flower and blue salvia.
The earth laughs in flowers, so it is said.

A day in the garden, planting, is very soul restorative. Today was such a day; a day full of anticipation and amazement.

Joining up to Instagram recently has been another high point. This has been a way to learn, observe more astutely and to connect.

Instagram has fed my passion for photography, nature and fine detail. Using this medium enables me to record beauty and to share it . It has enabled me to learn new skills, as well as to refine old ones. It has also given me a focus and a daily rhythm, but most importantly it has become a daily meditation with nature. More significantly gardening and photography have encouraged me to look more closely within and without.

Gardening is calming and healing, always a guide and teacher.

Bee in clump of purple flowers

Today the bees and birds were in full chorus. Soft perfumes of wattle and blossoms drifted in the air. The smell of the soil and of the hay mulch intermingled. This blending of scents is one of life and growth and promise,a reminder that it is from earth we came and to earth we return.

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