Music in the City.

Musicians performing in an alley alcove in Melbourne,Victoria.2015
Melbourne Musicians

One of the things that I especially love  about Melbourne is the music. The streets are stages for  a joyous mix of buskers who represent possibly every genre. Rap, pop, classical, jazz , rock, opera, digeridoo, Asian flute and strings and more.

Dressed in red, a young f girl plays a delicate melody on her stringedfinstrument
An eyecatching musician, Melbourne.

Their ability ranges  from the beginner to the adept professional. Music  is  to be found all through the city  on the streets, in the squares and in the alleyways.

Horse drawn carriage,in Swanston Street, Melbourne
A different beat

Melbourne resonates to various tunes. The hum of the  traffic, the clip clop of the horse drawn carriages, rumble of the trams, beeps and sirens become an accompanying orchestra as  the city sings along.

This is but a tiny taste, There are so many other venues through the city and suburbs that offer a huge range of live performances. One of the many reasons that Melbourne has gained a reputation for being a city that promotes and encourages  art and culture.


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