Iconic Melbourne

” How do I love thee, let me count the ways” said Elizabeth Barret Browning.

A quote so apt as I wonder “what is it about Melbourne that so delights and inspires?”

Old Melbourne Tram
Old Melbourne Tram

Love those trams- old and new. They make it so easy to move around the city.

Mosaic Bench,Fitzroy.
Mosaic Bench,Fitzroy.

Love the street fixtures.

Painting of a cat in stunning colours ,street art Fitzroy
Cat street art

And the street art.

Trees framing old and new styles of architecture in Melbourne
Melbourne Mix

Love the trees that line the streets and the mix of old and new architecture.


Love exploring the alleys that are interspersed through the city. These are fascinating little worlds of bustle and colour, delicious aromas, and street music.

Flying pig sculpture on top of electricity pole Melbourne
Pigs can fly!

Love that in Melbourne pigs can fly and that  sculptures with a sense of humour are placed around the city.

Blue monkey toy in garden boxes in city strip Melbourne
Waiting and Watching.

So many iconic notions make up the character of Melbourne. It is a city that has  a mix of culture and eccentricity, colour and mood.

Melbourne, “how do I love thee” – with all my heart.


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