Happy New Year

Handstitched felt heart brooches wrapped in a ribbon that says love, a project my daughter and I shared.
Love is the answer

It is Day One of a new year that offers fresh beginnings, enthusiasm, hope, and an open heart.  May yours be such a year; a year of first days that inspire love and creativity.

Something that I shall be exploring more in this new  year is the creation of healing and spirit dolls.

My first handmade spirit doll created for a special friend on her birthday, the first stp taken to creating spirit dolls. this ones carries love and transformation in her essence, a wish for beauty and creativity.
Spirit Doll

For a long time this intent simmered with a folder of sketches compiled over two decades. It was a birthday and a little later a commission that motivated and finally led to taking that step from having too many ideas to fruition.

Healing dolls

This year there will be more explorations of this theme for, in creating a healing, spirit doll the making of it also becomes an act of healing .

Above all my wish for the year is that it is one of peace .

Peace banner, hung at Brisbane modern art gallery
PEACE is the WAY

Happy New Year!


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