Purl one, Knit one

Strangely it is in our summer, our hot, humid summer, that an urge to knit happens.

Handnitted scarves,crafted from lace weight wool yarns
Some hand knitting from 2014

That urge in the past few years has come  after the mad rush and increasing stress and chaos of the festive season. Many years ago I realised that for me knitting is therapy.

Knitting is meditative slowing the mind, engaging focus and eliminating wandering thoughts. That gentle rhythm and the soft click clack of the needles starts to balance things out. As a calmer state takes over  there is the option to take up a challenge, to try a new pattern, to test one’s ability and concentration.

That challenge can be extreme at times but  always welcome as it makes me determined to succeed and not want to give in or give up. So saying that particular challenge might be put aside for some time, even begun again and sometimes the lesson is that you just need to let go.

For me all those aspects meld into a healing act.  It is a change from routine, a change from usual handwork and best of all it results in something that can be shared to bring warmth and comfort. I knit for pleasure, for family and friends and for charity, but  always  with love.


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