Bunny Love

Small section of a nature scene with rabbit and duck,handstitched from felt.
Rejoicing the season

Easter has come early this year . In the northern hemisphere the symbols of baby animals,flowers and new life makes sense as a celebration of Spring, rebirth and renewal. Here, in the southern hemisphere, we are entering Autumn so this ancient Spring ritual seems a little out of place; however, the symbols can still make sense as we celebrate harvest and a time to go deep in the earth, to burrow, and to reflect on what we seeds we will sow to emerge anew in our Spring.

This musing led me to realise that often rabbits and hares seem to have hopped into my imagination and creative endeavors. I have been including tiny rabbits or hares in most of my nature pieces for sometime. Since the beginning of the year they have become little white creatures and seem to have wanted to take form as tiny companions and comforters for children. Considering that we have just experienced a lunar eclipse, and for many the celebration of Easter,  now seems an appropriate time to share some of these little rabbits

Rabbits and hares are ancient symbols in many cultures and belief systems.As a symbol they are often linked to the moon, to fertility, renewal, abundance, luck, emotion and intuition as well as the triple Goddess and  to the trinity.

I have also read that Native American wisdom terms the rabbit as the “Fear Caller”, calling to attention that  its timid, ever alert, nervous behaviour  can attract the very things that are feared by continually thinking about them.This makes a lot of sense to me and in this instance it has been suggested that we can use the rabbit as a reminder to work past fear and to create positive intent and action. Perhaps this is why intuitively  I have chosen   to make tiny rabbits as “pocket pals”.

Tiny white rabbit in an egg shaped pocket with flower decoration, handstitched from wool felt
Pocket Pal


The rabbit is also a symbol of family and that, too, is close to heart so I am going to continue to work with and love the rabbit as a guide.

White rabbit holding a heart,handstitched form wool felt
Bunny Love



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