Colour Brilliance

A rich array of colour as Spring displays a massed bed of tulips and pansies
Spring glory

There is so much to inspire,admire,and cherish. Her colour palette is rich and Her imagination boundless.


This King Parrot is definitely one of nature’s masterpieces, as are sunrises and sunsets that have enriched our senses and our souls throughout millenia .


Summer Days

 Summer Sunset

We are experiencing those lazy,hazy,days,of,summer,as an old popular song says. It certainly feels that way with many days over thirty Celsius. Heatwave days that have drained the moisture from the land and all our energy. Even stitching has been put aside.

My efforts in the last few days have been focused on trying to keep plants ,baby birds and trees alive.


My bird guardians take good care protecting their young. Ever alert they always  let me know if snakes are out near the house . Living here for many years now I can understand warning calls about which danger is being broadcast.

Another New Year has come  all too quickly.My resolution is to make every minute count, every second precious and find beauty in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.


Revisiting Mother Earth

Recently,l was asked to make a Mother Earth inspired by Sibylle von Olfers classic tale.

Some years back this needle felted Mother Earth and her root children appeared.

Mother Earth and her children,needkelt
Mother Earth and her children.

Another rendition of this ancient mother depicted her as a beneficient element of nature.

Needle felted mother Earth .
Mother Earth.

This is the latest version. The characters are Waldorf style dolls. Simplicity allows imagination to develop characters and their stories.

Earth family.

Her children to me symbolise hope in the future, but is it too late? Our treatment of the environment has been brutal,driven by greed and ignorance. Mother Earth has,over many millenia, been creating, nurturing and supporting life; whereas mankind has sent many of her creations into extinction. Has Her patience been too tested? Will she put on her dark mask to become Kali the avenger? This appears to be happening already as we hurtle into the dire consequences of climate change

Making these little dolls has led the mind into the deep canyons and vast unknown of contemplating the mystery of life.

Blossom as Muse

Peach Blossom on a tree with many variations of colour

A recent visit to a plant nursery displayed the first spring blossoms. Such delicate beauty that had me awestruck. Looking at the images again it reminded me of a project that needed to begin. Somewhere in my stash lay a special ball of wool, a one ply lace yarn as fine as spider web. It is not only delicate but also soft, like a petal. As if by intent, or the waving of a magic wand, the colours of the wool are the same as the peach blossoms .

Different coloured blossoms growing on same branch
Blossom magic

As the needles poke and twist they create  lace fabric from an easy pattern designed by Morris and Sons . As the fabric formed  came the realisation that the love of the process and the material, as well as the colour and energy of the season,were all being enmeshed, forming a union of nature and imagination.

One ply knitted scarf inspired by the blossoms and the season. From a pattern by Morris and sons.Schepjeswolle.

blossom inspiration

Creation is a result of love, joy and curiosity. My wish is that the love that fills my soul when l create and the joy of the process will be infused in the project and warm the heart,body soul of the recipient.

T’is Spring

Spring is here wearing many costumes,flamboyant,delicate,serene and subtle. Annual Flower Festivals reveal breathtaking arrays of colour ,vibrant and rich palettes of tulips and pansies carpet the ground whilst more sedately blossom trees puff out their frills in softer,more delucate tones.

Here in the bush it is much of the sameness,dry,dusty,and an array of grey greens. However there is another noticeable aspect,the arrival of migratory birds and the busy coming and goings of nesting.

New life,new beginnings,aah! the joy of Spring.

Spring glows
Tulip Time

To Market, To Market

handmade felt scuturewith miniature hand stitched frox.
In the Woods

Life has been busy and somewhat challenging this month. Keen astrologers would say this is the current energy of planetary alliances.

Busy keeps the mind focused on positive outcomes. Busy here has been a frenzy of stitching to prepare for a fair.

As always the deadline seems to speed up in the last few days so the busy frenzy has escalated .Days and night blur and sleep tends to be a luxury .

Above all I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to create and to share the pleasure of creating and connecting.


It has been too long a while

Hello again and apologies. Over the past year or so there have been computer issues, then no computer. It has been a interesting learning curve to realise just how dependant we  have become on technology for daily life. As yet I am not convinced this is totally beneficial.

On one hand it opens a vast exciting opportunity to connect, learn and share while on the other it can   lead to social isolation,the need for instant gratification and manipulation.By connecting to the ether we can become disconnected from daily life ,time and reality as well as  lose social skills .

My techno time out has been useful, and  has  offered more time to reflect, observe,  create, discover  and garden. As yet  I have not replaced the computer it has been  too busy living in a more basic and earthy world!

close up of tree against sky
Photo by Pixabay on


















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Small hand made figures representing the four seasons. These have been stitched from wool felt.
Seasonal Sprites

This  summer has been too long, too hot,too humid and too draining. In Australia the current season has been very fierce with weeks of hot and humid days as well as  many fierce fires and storms.No doubt many others, like me, are wishing for an  Autumn that might bring cooler days and gentle,refreshing rain and fear that climate change has greatly impacted Natures ability to heal and recover.

Pondering about this much  desired  change of season, reminded me of these little sprites that were made last year ; tiny beings who indicate that each season has its specific character and tasks necessary for nature to create and replenish.