Feather and Fur

Needelfelt tree stump with owl family
Needelfelt tree stump with owl family

 Above is a recent work, winter 2011,  made as a giveaway on Mama Moontime. It is a needle felt treestump that is hollow and makes a cosy home for this little owl family.It has been embellished with tiny felt leaves and bead flower-vine.

 To add to this woodland scene is a detail from another recent piece, a little needlefelt mouse who is understandably rather nervous  nervous as he becomes aware of the owls around.

Needlefelt mouse and toadstool with felt oakleaf and acorn
Woodland Creatures

 If  you could see me now probably you would think “crazy lady” as I whoop and holler delightedly- because I actually inserted this photo by myself after many hours and several days of frustration and tears. It was supposed to be here but disappeared so all the more annoying. And now here it is again. A  red letter day indeed.  


needlefelted bear family

These little bears were also a challenge of how to come up with an original interpretation of a story that has been illustrated in so many different methods and told over centuries. Just researching the history of the fairytale gave some fascinating insights and led to quite a bit of thought and wonder as well as  being able to connect it to to other myths. I was also very intrigued to discover that  there is a Goldilocks syndrome in the space programme – the search for another planet that is “just right” – as well as a goldilocks computer programme.

The three bears that are depicted here were a request.  The thought of  trying to come up with my own version of a bear was daunting.  However, it became an invaluable lesson that expanded my knowledge,confidence  and craft skills. 

After the excitment of  being asked to recreate these characters time elapsed and panic set in. After many sketches from memory, models, photoes and imagination about to give up. The sketches seemed ho hum but there comes that moment when you just have to let it all go and just do. I think the expression that best describes this process is flying blind.  Once the fleece and needle connect a form appears and then a character.

What  surprised me greatly was that these bears wanted to be typecast and are so stereotypical. There was no intention to depict them this way but the Grimm tale that we seem to use most portrays them like this.

 When this project was finished it made me think deeply over roles, family customs and the changes that are occurring in our society in attitude and understanding. Who would think three little felt bears could be such a profound experience.

As for Goldilocks – she was created but I forgot to take a picture.


knitted soft toys
Three Friends

Handknitted softies sent to Mirabel. Made from Sean Sheep designs, easy to understand the instructions. Just loved the simplicity and texture of these characters. The yarn was a cotton blend,great to work and should be easy to clean. Theses toys feel very cuddly and hope that they make comforting and comfortable companions.

And what a trip down memory lane!  Some of my first knitting projects were similar toy lions with loopy manes in orange and yellow. Several were made as new baby gifts for friends and with a jolt realise this was too many years ago.


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