As above so below


Dusk falling as and shore seem to merge merge

Sand,sea and sky seem to merge as the day fades .  Once more the waves roll in and out  as the clouds roll over the sky; the elements connected and connecting, infinitely.



It seems to have become more difficult to post, because of fearing to be repetitious and boring. After a while even new projects seem to take on a similarity, although I can see, sometimes, an improvement or a new way of presenting a former theme.

Two friends

Here are some newly created characters, miniature needle felted rabbits. They bring back to mind visiting one of  Beatrix Potter’s homes “Hilltop” at Sawry in the Lakes District of England. Much to my delight  we saw two rabbits ,pictured below,frolicking in a field.

Two rabbits frolicking in the field at Beatrix Potter's first farm ,Lakes District .U.K
Spring ,Beatrix Potters Farm.

In the main wild rabbits are considered to be a major pest. Here in Australia they were introduced and have multiplied too well endangering native species ( this introduction being a consequence of ignorance and  folly of man, not the fault of the rabbit).

As a pet or subject in art or literature  rabbits become endearing.  In the whole scheme of nature  they have a purpose and a reason, for everything is connected and relevant.Sadly the interconnection of all things has been forgotten and abused . The balance of nature is now much compromised and too many creatures,including humans, face extinction.

Group of rabbits that are miniature in size, 1-2cm. The techniques used to create them was dry or needlefelting. They are a continuation of exploring woodland creatures as a theme.
 More Bunnies

As happens with rabbits, these little characters are multiplying too! The only danger they represent is a pull at the heartstrings.

In the Heart of the City

Brisbane, city scene from southbank looking across the Brisbane river to the ever growing stacks of high rises
Brisbane, city scene from Southbank

Brisbane is growing rapidly. Like many cities worldwide the buildings are reaching up higher and higher to the clouds.

Our visits to the city centre have been few and far between, mainly driving past to the the airport. Rarely do we venture to the inner city. Even more rarely do we see it as a tourist, and then we head to Southbank  Parklands which was the  traditional home of the Turrbal and Yuggerah people. Now this area is the cultural centre of the city. It is here that the art galleries,museum, theatre, conservatorium,markets and eating spots are to be found, as well as the man-made “Streets beach”. It is also the location for various festivals throughout the year.

The epicurious garden Southbank Parklands ,Brisbane.
Epicurious Garden, Brisbane

On this visit we discovered Epicurious, an organic  garden established within the Parklands to enable people to experience and learn about gardening. Midweek free samples are available with volunteers on hand to assist with advice.

Epicurious vegetable and herb garden, Southbank.
Epicurious vegetable and herb garden, Southbank.

What a wonderful concept to bring awareness and connection to nature, and to encourage healthier lifestyle options.

Ibis and bearded dragon in the heart of Brisbane city
In the heart of Brisbane city

Close by to Epicurious is a rainforest area, where a huge fig tree provides a tunnel though it for children to explore, and a rock pool is a haven for wildlife.If you look closely there is a bearded dragon on the rock to the right of the ibis.Perhaps best of all this area of the Parklands offers an opportunity to find peace in the very heart of the city.


In the Garden

Wallaby,relaxed and at ease in sitting position in our garden

Always amazed, thankful and delighted  to have wildlife visit. It is such a privilege that they feel safe and relaxed in our garden.

Sadly the numbers of wallabies who come now are much depleted as, over the years,  many have become statistics of road kill.

Currently we have only one regular, a young female and her first joey. Her joey  is still tiny but so curious and itching to leave the pouch and explore the world. When the joey first leaves the pouch, after inital hesitation and staying very close to mum, they try their legs almost becoming airborn as they tear around the lawn in ever widening circles so full of joy in discovering their newfound freedom. To us a poignant reminder of how precious and wonderful life is.

Rain Drops

Whorls made by falling rain in a puddle on the paving
Rain Patterns

It is a while now since it has significantly rained on our place, a while, too, since being able to upload photos to the computer which means having to use what is available. Today I found this picture which is pertinent .

Just back from a trip to  Melbourne, where it is green and blooming, has made the dry,dusty, brown around the house all the more evident. There are a few clouds about, and a smell of rain so here’s hoping that nature will soon rejoice and be replenished .The weather forecast predicts nothing more that a maybe light shower but there is always that chance that rain will be torrential. In such a dry country as Australia any rain is a gift to be cherished .

Iconic Melbourne

” How do I love thee, let me count the ways” said Elizabeth Barret Browning.

A quote so apt as I wonder “what is it about Melbourne that so delights and inspires?”

Old Melbourne Tram
Old Melbourne Tram

Love those trams- old and new. They make it so easy to move around the city.

Mosaic Bench,Fitzroy.
Mosaic Bench,Fitzroy.

Love the street fixtures.

Painting of a cat in stunning colours ,street art Fitzroy
Cat street art

And the street art.

Trees framing old and new styles of architecture in Melbourne
Melbourne Mix

Love the trees that line the streets and the mix of old and new architecture.


Love exploring the alleys that are interspersed through the city. These are fascinating little worlds of bustle and colour, delicious aromas, and street music.

Flying pig sculpture on top of electricity pole Melbourne
Pigs can fly!

Love that in Melbourne pigs can fly and that  sculptures with a sense of humour are placed around the city.

Blue monkey toy in garden boxes in city strip Melbourne
Waiting and Watching.

So many iconic notions make up the character of Melbourne. It is a city that has  a mix of culture and eccentricity, colour and mood.

Melbourne, “how do I love thee” – with all my heart.

Growing up.

Lake Burley Griffin, ACT
Lake Burley Griffin, ACT

Some years ago I lived in Canberra, however on  a recent visit earlier this year I came back as a tourist

The city has changed- a lot. It has spread up and out, and  just like “Topsy” it has grown.  At this time the changes that impressed most were around New Acton.

Evening glow-New Acton, ACT
Evening glow-New Acton, ACT.

Exciting changes that address environmental awareness working to bring nature, art and the city together as a beautiful union. Changes that look to creating healthy lifestyle options and beauty  to enrich life.

There were vegetable boxes planted in courtyards around which were cafes,restaurants, hotels and bars.

Food courtyard,Canberra. Asutralia

In a large oak tree there were nesting boxes .

Oak tree with nesting boxes, in city centre Canberra, Australia
Tree houses

Sculpture is placed thoughout the precint, to inspire, to ponder and to provoke thought.

Large sculpture entitled Modern Man,that is in a herb garden at New Acton, Canberra
ModernMan, overseeing a herb garden
About Modern Man
About Modern Man

New buildings  were innovative .

Hotel,New Acton Canberra
Hotel, New Acton Canberra

Overseeing the city the tower on Black Mountain, that created considerable controversy when it was erected. Since it has become an icon.

Black mountainTower at Dusk
Black mountainTower at Dusk

The visit was too short but huge in impact being a very a special time, as family gatheredfor my daughter’s wedding.

Coming and going and doing

January has proved to be a month of comings and goings. During this time there were touchdowns in  three Australian states, Victoria, the A.C.T and Queensland, as well as in three different  capital cities, Melbourne,

Melbourne and Yarra river
Melbourne and Yarra river

Canberra, leaving as a warm,bright day became stormy ,

Canberra  rain clouds
Canberra rain clouds

and Brisbane. Brisbane as a last stop seemed to shine a special welcome back, the setting sun giving the city quite an ethereal glow.

Flying into Brisbane at Sunset
Flying into Brisbane at Sunset


All three cities have provided inspiring experiences and ideas, but it seems that the garden beauty of Melbourne, and in particular St.Erth at Blackwood, has lingered.


Works in progress-handstitched felt garden inpisred pieces, a hoollow forest log,mushroom house,miniature vegetable garden, lily pond scene.
Works in progress-


From this wonky computer taken, “pushed for time”, picture you can see that everything is still unfinished. These are  all are works in progress that will hopefully see completion this weekend.

Now I really do need to settle and connect again to that slower, daily rhythm that encourages creativity and utilizes the wonder and passion that the memories have filed. That rhythm requires stillness, solitude and a hermit like phase, which seems to be elusive as I dart here and there, reconnecting with friends, local places and activities. This year it seems has chosen constant motion and travel as a theme.


Seeing Brisbane Anew.


ccEarly morning at Brisbane.Australia
Early morning at Brisbane.Australia

It is hard to believe our trip to the U.K,Ireland and Europe has ended. At the end of July we returned to Australia , a day later we ventured back to our bush home.

Presently it seems as if the time away was but a dream, or had happened in just the blink of an eye even though we have been out of the country for over ten weeks.There were times, however,that the blink seemed stuck as life became a sequence of overnight stays, living out of a suitcase and in constant motion. In the end that lifestyle had normalcy.

An English village river scene shown in comparison and wondering if it was a deam or real
Was this real? Burford,U.K

On our return we spent a night in Brisbane. The next morning, while waiting for the peak hour traffic to clear, we walked around the city seeing it with fresh eyes. It seemed that the sky was much brighter and bluer than memory served, and also that the streets were cleaner, the buildings more interesting and above all everything seemed much more beautiful.

Busy Brisbane River
Busy Brisbane River

Thoughts of coming back to the bush and that former lifestyle created some apprehension. Being among people, at times vast throngs of people, as well as being in a constant flux of new experiences and situations is very different to the life lived here. After a day, being back still seems strange and different. However, the wallabies and birds have reappeared and seem rather pleased to find that we have returned.

City Roos by Brisbane Artist Christopher Trotter
City Roos by Brisbane Artist Christopher Trotter

Naively I thought that I could keep blogging while away but access to the net and trying to post proved to be difficult and at times impossible so I learnt to let things be, and just be. No crafting, no writing or drawing, just observing, making new friendships and contacts, doing a lot of walking, taking quite literally thousands of photos and hoping that in time everything will join together to form a beautiful tapestry of wonder and delight that I can share.

Reflections in and of tall city buildings,Brisbane.Qld.Australia
Reflections-Brisbane ,Qld.Australia

Ironically I shall start to reveal this tapestry at the point of return. Thus the circle has closed for the end is also the beginning. The first images to be shared are ones that reveal the place of departure and the point of return. Travelling assists us to see unblinkered enabling us to value and appreciate all the more the places and people who create the patchwork fabric of our lives.