A Little Aussie

Tiny handstritched felt mat with little creature peeping out from a hollow log

It has been a busy making time,mostly nature scenes such as this. A new Australian character has emerged.

Because this little critter is so tiny he needed to be kept on a string.

Revealing a very tiny echidna ,attaced to the log with a string because of its tiny size
Echidna on a string.


Thermometer showing mercury going up at 41C
Temperature is rising

Heatwave conditions have come to our part of the world. Going outside is like stepping into a fan forced oven. Fire is an ever present threat, already several have occurred in our locality, two this weekend. The wildlife is distressed, and that distresses me as all we can do is keep water out for them hoping they can find some shade and a little relief.

Wallabies under the may bush seeking shade
Seeking shade

The birds sit with open beaks, panting and holding their wings away from their bodies, too hot to even find enough energy to take a dip in the bird baths. The brush turkey digs into the soil to try to find a level that is moister or cooler but all we have is hot, dry dust.

Butcher bird not liking the heat

In fact it feels too hot to be in our own skin!

Shed snakeskin
Shed snakeskin

Crafting might seem impossible but in fact it has helped. Over this burning weekend I have been making mermaids. The palette of  ice blues and marine greens combined with thoughts of oceans deep has been cooling .

A small handstitched sea scene, a little pocket that holds a mermaid and fish,behind the sand with rocks,weed and  real shells.


Cooler in tone and effect was this small Sea Queen.

Small hand-crafted mermaid portrayed as a Sea Queen,with iridescent scaled and beaded tail,and arms that bend. Her hair is a mix of fine fibres and sparkle threads.
Sea Queen


Baby Ringtail Possum
Baby Ringtail Possum

Recently we visited a wildlife carer and had a personal encounter with orphaned possums. When larger and taught to fend for themselves they will be reintroduced to the wild.

Sadly land clearing and  removal of trees, as well giving over country to mining does not augur well for their future. What was heartening was to meet up with people who care and believe they can make a difference.

Wool Felt hollow log with tiny ,handstitched and neddlefelted possum

My hope is that a toy like this will encourage a new generation to care more responsibly.

Felt hollow log home to a tiney handmade felt brushtail possum
Welcome to my home

After the rain

pictures around our garden as the suncomes out again,skies are blue and the new growth emerges after the floods,January 2013
after the rain

Can you see a story?

This is a Pic Monkey Collage of new life emerging after the recent floods.  Such brightness. The green around us now is dazzling. Growth seems fast and furious . The garden is filled with the music of bees, birdsong and dancing butterflies.

The recent contrast in nature’s mood brings much to mind the depiction of The Great Mother as  Creator and Destroyer, that cycle that winds endlessly and infinitely.

Another result of the rain and wind was to bring down trees,this one is just outside my workroom window ,just missing the house.
Another aspect