Baa but not Humbug, and a free pattern too!

Butcher bird and bush turkey on our front verandah
At Home.

Wildlife is a joyful part of life here. Their presence  makes me feel continually humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to be able to observe so closely, to be able to win their trust and friendship and to learn so much. No wonder, then, that one of the desires of travel was to be able to see wildlife in other places.

Travel however presented mainly urban and city experiences, and “travel”. The Wildlife we met were largely domesticated species but even so there were animal highlights, as for instance coming across Herdwick sheep in the Lakes District. This breed has been largely saved by the efforts of Beatrix Potter.

Herdwick sheep and her black lamb grazing  at Honister pass,U.Ker
Spring lamb,Honister Pass.U.K

When I lived in rural N.S.W I had a pet lamb who was much adored  and also have included the black faced sheep in many painted pieces over the years.

Impressive Ram,U.K
Impressive Ram,U.K

Sheepy encounters were enjoyed to the full, especially the variations of black and white.

White faced sheep with black fleece,Pennines,U.K
Black and White

Another  fascinating experience was watching this farmer train his sheepdogs, a chance encounter as we walked in Ambleside, returning from the trip to Sawrey, when we had visited Hilltop, Beatrix Potter’s first  farm.

Sheepdog Training.Ambleside.U.K
Sheepdog Training.Ambleside.U.K

This really was such a fitting conclusion to the day as Beatrix Potter was not only an author and accomplished artist but also a very skillful farm manager  who  did much to preserve  the sheep breeds, traditional life, farms and fells of the Lake district. Her work is being still being carried out to this day under the auspices of the National trust. The more I learnt about, and encountered the legacy of this amazing woman, the greater my admiration for her.

A scene we owe to Beatrix Potter
A scene we owe to Beatrix Potter

Free Pattern .

As a consequence of making this post a tiny project to share also came into being.

Small black faced sheep on green heart as background,Hand stitched,and made from wool felt. Inspired by visit to Lakes district,U.K
Sheep Love

My sample uses wool felt, but you can experiment with different materials and different colourways. Perhaps the sheep pictured in the post above can help make some interesting combinations.likewise you can change the placement of the sheep’s head to give character .

This project is easy and quickly finished so quite suitable for children to attempt . This link takes you to the sheeppattern

Making up the pattern as a brooch
Making up the pattern as a brooch

If you only sew along the sides of the heart,leaving the curved top area open,  it makes a bookmark to go on the corner of a page.

Adding a ribbon loop it becomes and ornament or bag tag,

or you could fill with  lavender and put in your felt or wool stash to keep moths at bay.

This design would work as an applique for a wool holdall, knitting needle roll, on a pocket or enlarged as a cushion or pincushion.

I just love it when after making something it reveals that there are so many other ways to be used.

 The pattern made up with   hanging loop
Add a Loop-