digital owl sketch

Sometimes an owl just needs to say hello.Lately the owls have been around adding another dimension to the night.

This one was sketched using the computer programme Paint and the touch pad. The result surprised me  as I have not played on the computer for a time, also enabling me to update the blog as there are still issues with uploading new photos .

For now sketching has to be put aside as this is a busy time for crafting with felt.


Pied Friends

Young Butcher bird fascinated by hole in shadecloth

Some years ago two butcher birds introduced themselves. They  watch our every move, love to help in the garden  and pop by daily for chats. They have  introduced several generations of their offspring to us. All have definite personalities. The one above we called Charlie.

Charlie loved a  hole  in the shade cloth and would peer through, play around it and at times fly through. Charlie was cheeky, enthusiastic and also the chaser who called alert and loved to harass the ravens and friar birds.

Sadly Charlie has disappeared, we hope to raise a family somewhere safe. We miss his antics and his company. There is another juvenile currently taking his place,however, as its feathers are now darkening  the time is near to setting out in search for a partner.


This week there was a great kerfuffle in the bush behind the house. The butcher birds have a nest and all indications are that the young have hatched. Since this ruckus our first butcher bird friend has not visited. Lately two have come with wounds. Predators seem fiercer and more prevalent this year so we are fearing the worst, saddened too, by the harsh reality of nature but  even more grateful for the opportunity to have been befriended by and to be able to observe the life around us