Another Spring has Sprung

Jasmine Buds

There is no mistaking that Spring has come . Buds and blossoms, birds and bees are  in abundance.The air is sweetly perfumed .

Bee on red pompom flower
Busy Bee

The hum of bees is evident as soon as you step outdoors, so much so the air seems to be vibrating.

Branch of magenta bouganvillea

The garden is in full bloom.

The workroom  has also been in creative mode.  Spring has had an impact . Little mushroom homes for mice are on the agenda this week and they all have needed bright,lush garden borders .Small woodland creatures have also appeared from felt and wool roving .

However, the computer is still being grumpy and will not accept new photos so I must leave these images to your imagination, or perhaps  a browse on some older posts.




Making a Statement.

Closeup picture of flowers on poinciana tree that glows in our garden in the summer

Every summer the garden glows.

This tree is not a native but it thrives in our area, and gives the gift of beauty. As the season warms up the glow of this tree enhances and dazzles. The richness of red, the pattern of the petals, the contrast of the flowers to dry bush landscape around is a living work of art. It warms the imagination and inspires.

Textures : Poinciana petal and stone
Textures : Poinciana petal and stone

A local red is the flame tree which offers pure wonder when it is in full bloom. It hosts  a multitude of insects and birds who revel in its flowering. Whilde in bloom during spring and early summer it dazzles and makes an exuberant presence in the bush.

flame tree in full bloom
Flame tree

When the flowers disappear the green foliage blends into the landscape. Their strong presence, when garbed in red, has softened. It seems that, once they have made their statement, they wait patiently nurturing the seeds of creativity, the offspring of this strong statement of beauty and presence.


Colours of the Season

Stitched from wool felt small scene of tree stump,fallen leaves and stream
A handmade autumn scene

This  scene was more familiar when I lived in cooler climate of Canberra where the seasons are distinct. Autumn tended to be  misty and crisp, and the trees glowed in their seasonal displays of red burgundy, orange and yellow. Underfoot lay a thick carpet of leaves that delighted children and possums. The street where I had lived had an overhanging avenue of pin oaks, that kept the street degrees cooler in summer and in autumn formed a long, glowing and breathtaking crimson arch.

Here in Queensland autumn is  more of a hint though a short distance away from our property is a mountain where there are introduced cold climate trees such as oak and amber. Their foliage changes colour, shedding  leaves and  giving a sense of a “real ” northern style Autumn.

Down in our valley we get mists, softly weaving around the trees and along the creek banks. Lately there has even been a little crispness and the need for blankets at night. Autumn here  is green and lush, especially this year as we have had so much rain .

 Qld. bush ,the green of autumn
a green autumn

The palette  for autumn in our part of the country is very different from the common perception of autumn as a vibrant and rich mix of warm tones. Here  predominantly featured are colours that are in the cool range pale pink, mauve, blue and green . The colours of heart and soul, an interesting contemplation.

crepe myrtle in flower
autumn blooming
Australian native violets
Australian native violets

Our Autumn, this year, is one of rampant growth which is attracting wildlife. The thick undergrowth and seeding grasses are drawing tiny birds, such as wrens and finches ; the filled dams and creeks are resonating with frog calls.  Prolific seeding and fruiting, that seems to be happening so fast lately, has provided home and food  many insects, birds and animals.

A young bunch of bananas perfectly showing the abundance and different colour scheme of the season where we are situated
autumn harvest

Autumn  is reinforcing the lesson that it is a season wonder, of abundance, harvest and joy;  a season that enriches and instills a sense of awe and reverence.