Hand embroidered and applique needlebook of cottage and thatch garden.
Cottage Needlebook

Summer has not made it easy ,and at times even impossible, to do handwork. However the time has come to focus and get back to the work table.

A long held fascination with cottage gardens and thatch roof cottages has often stirred my imgination and in this instance took form in needle books covers.

Each one signifies a journey,a new learning adventure to explore colour,shape and texture. A tiny dot can have so much significance and in the eye of the beholder be many different things

Each piece leads to a deeper understanding and a desire to explore further. Wonder and curiosity fuel each other.

It is a delight to know that these pieces might give pleasure to others and perhaps lead them to delve into their own journey of ceativity.



Nature never fails to inspire.

Blooming aloe vera

A recent project was to create  a tiny lantern child, a project for our craft group.Her outfit seemed to come together without forethought .

A small wood and wire doll dressed in red,orange and yellow, carrying a felt lantern.
Carrying the flame

Once complete came the realisation that  her colours not only match the glow of her lantern but also reflects colours that are presently in nature.

Red,gold and orange  are present in turning leaves, aloe flowers and red hot poker lilies, glow and warm the soul, a reminder that soon the landscape will be wrapped in winters grey mantle.

Red Hot Poker Lily
Red Hot Poker Lily

Autumn seemed to have forgotten to visit this year. It has been unsettling. The ongoing heatwave has made it harder to work. Heart and mind  have yearned for cooler mornings,mists and coloured leaves.

Coloured leaves
Autumn glory

However, in the past few days, rain has come  and as if by magic the expanse of barren dust surrounding us has been transformed into a lush, green carpet. Fungi is making an appearance as well revealing that life is returning to the parched soil.

A white mushroom that has pushed up through leaf litter.
Breaking through

This morning Mother Nature announced that Autumn is on the way. An early walk in the garden led to this discovery, a perfectly beautiful crocus whose appearance heralds that change of season is on the way.

White crocus flower

This tiny crocus is brave and resilient; it has surfaced in spite of a severe summer serving as a reminder of what should be and what can be lost forever if we do not connect and care better for our planet.